SURROUNDINGS / Lagoon routes / Tips for excursions
These tips have been designed to ensure that both the visitors and the inhabitants of the lagoon coexist happily together.
According to current legislation for wildlife conservation it is forbidden to disturb the fauna that lives in the lagoon.
In order to watch the birds from a distance and guarantee their security we recommend you use binoculars or telescopes.
The observatories around the lagoon are located in the best areas for watching the water birds. PLEASE USE THEM!!
When moving around by car do not leave the established roads, drive slowly and keep your distance from the flocks of cranes and other birds.
Do not leave the set trails. In this way you will avoid trespassing on private land or harming the lagoon's meadows and banks.
If you want to enjoy the spectacle of the cranes entering their roosts, do not make any noise and do not turn on any lights or else you will scare them away. Remember that there's no point in using the flash to photograph flying birds!
We recommend you wear comfortable walking shoes if you plan to walk the trails. Don't forget to take water with you, especially in the summer season.
Gallocanta has a continental climate, with very cold weather in winter and very hot temperatures in summer. Make sure you wear appropriate seasonal clothing with colours that are as discrete as possible.
Don’t forget to take your rubbish away with you so that this place can go on being a unique place in the world.
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