SURROUNDINGS / Lagoon routes / From Tornos to Gallocanta
We recommend you start out this route in the morning in order to get plenty of good sunlight.

Start out from the Information Center on the A-1507 road towards Tornos. Park your car further on next to a building and then proceed on foot following the path that leads on to the lagoon. You are now in a restricted area of halophile rush and sawgrass prairies where the bittern can be spotted.

After this, go back to you car and drive on towards Tornos until you come to the peiron (cairn) of Virgen de Loreto, on the outskirts of the town. Then take the old path to Bello. On the left, the Virgen de los Olmos hermitage offers you a great view of Los Lagunazos. Follow the sign post towards a poplar grove and you will come to Cañizar Spring. Park your car here and walk towards the observatory, from where you can spot several species (warblers, terns, cranes...) near the islands and Puccinellia pungens in the brackish marshes.

Then follow the path to balsón de Tobeñas (aquatic vegetation and zooplankton) until you come to a farrowing crate in ruins. A path on the right will then take you to the los Saces spring, where you will come across a picnic area where you can take a rest.

Further along you will come to "El Castellar" Celtiberian archeological site and to Berrueco, with its Archeological Interpretation Centre and a castle offering a view of the whole basin.

If you prefer not to distance yourself from the lagoon, from los Saces spring keep driving on the road to the left until you come to some stone piles next to which you can park the car (you might see ducks and cranes as well as coots, avocets and black-winged stilts). Then take the detour on the left until you come to Gallocanta.

You can make the route longer by going to Santed or heading towards Cubel until Zaida lagoon (where you can see Lythrum flexuosum, as well as flamingos, herons and shags) and further on, the Guialguerrero lagoon with its large variety of birds.

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